Welcome to our new BLOG…”BOYFRIEND-HUSBAND!!!”
If you want to take a good marriage up a few notches and make it AMAZING… enjoy the following story…
It all happened @ a local Coffee Shop a little over a year ago. I was enjoying my latte with a friend, when I overheard a woman behind me make a sneering remark of distain, “Oh my husband is coming to pick me up in a few minutes!” The word “husband” was said with great disgust. I immediately thought to myself; “WOW! The term, “husband” sure gets a bum rap in our culture now!” The very same day, I happened to drop by the same coffee place after work, and I overheard a younger woman exclaim with sheer JOY, “Oh! My boyfriend is coming to get me ANY minute!!!” Right then and there I decided that I would have a “BOYFRIEND-HUSBAND” from now on!! I began immediately to refer to my man as my “boyfriend-husband” whenever anybody asked about him. I figured since we STILL DATE one another…why not?? Why not KEEP the ROMANCE part of the deal even AFTER we’re married?!! Why should all the unmarried gals have all the fun?? Married women
who are devoting themselves with the pure gold gift of time and commitment to one man should have FUN doing it AND be rewarded with anticipation, excitement and the joy of TRUE LOVE!