So I decided that my man’s birthday was coming up and what would a GIRLFRIEND-WIFE do to celebrate?? Proclaim a new “National Holiday,” right? Who creates these holidays anyway, and why can’t I do the same?!! My man’s birthday came in the middle of the week, so I intentionally took the day off and encouraged him to do likewise. It took a little convincing but very soon he was happy to come on board! I blocked out the whole day and filled it with all HIS favorite ACTIVITIES, LOVE LANGUAGES and PLACES TO GO!! What speaks “LOVE” to my man happens to be “QUALITY TIME.” So I spent the entire day just “hanging out” with him! We went to “Sideboard” for brunch and then off to the “Lafayette Reservoir” for a killer hike on the rim! FACE TIME with the kids of course, a foot massage and dinner out at “Va Da Vi” his fave place in Walnut Creek. We even hung out in the Apple Store to get his computer updated! Totally HIS kind of day and he loved it! Just the kind of day a BOYFRIEND-HUSBAND would dream of!! An ancient proverb says: “Who can find a good “girlfriend” wife? She is worth more than diamonds! Her husband can trust her, and she will richly satisfy his needs.” Have fun dreaming up your next “national holiday” to honor your man!