What is so COOL about having a “DATE NIGHT” with your man?? A lot of things! When you set up having a regular Date Night with your guy, it creates something to look forward to that has NOTHING to do with the everyday routine and sometimes grind of life. Forget the bills! Forget the deadlines at work! Forget the diapers! It’s time for the LOVERS to come out to play!! It’s time to put all the “Have To’s” aside and just ENJOY EACH OTHER! If you have children, decide ahead of time who is going to organize the sitter and who is going to set up where you are going. We like to take “turns” so that all the planning doesn’t fall on the same person over and over again. It doesn’t have to be “PROM NIGHT” just because you are going out! You don’t have to spend a lot of money. Some of our BEST DATES have been grabbing a deli sandwich and taking a beach walk. We save up for the “OVER THE TOP” dates which may involve a birthday or an anniversary and may include dinner in the City or a hotel getaway. The important thing is to just DO IT!! Make these fun times a regular occasion in your in Love Story and ENJOY YOUR MAN!!