There are a million ways to surprise and delight your man! AHH…the gift of surprise is always a welcome change for you or your man. In a healthy relationship, both partners take turns creating beautiful surprises for the other person. When it’s your turn…go ahead and think OUTSIDE THE BOX!! I have found that an “undeserved surprise” is one of the best ways to enhance a relationship. Just when your man is not expecting anything new; that’s when you can deliver a true delight! It may be a surprise favorite meal that he loves. It could be that you arranged for one of his chores to get done by someone else and you’ve put gas in the car and you show up to take him for a drive. Study your man and make a mental list of what he loves to do to recreate! Choose a favorite from that list and MAKE IT HAPPEN!!! He will be so grateful and he WILL LOVE YOU FOR IT!!!