After a whole entire year referring to my man as my “boyfriend-husband” to anybody I was talking to; I even called my man my “boyfriend-husband” in his presence; and funny thing; he LOVED it!! It made him feel appreciated and desired. It also made our dates more fun as we went out and celebrated our love on a regular basis on beach walks, hikes, out to lunch in another town or out for dinner; driving home under a thousand stars. A really cool thing happened to confirm my theory of “creating” a “boyfriend-husband!” My guy was on the phone last month setting up a special double date with friends for lunch in the City. I was piping up from the background and reminding him, “Don’t forget to ask for a table by the window!” Right then and there, he said to the restaurant owner making the
reservation; “Hey, just a second, my GIRLFRIEND is trying to tell me something! Hold on!” NOW, after one full year, the EXPERIMENT WORKED!!! I now had become my husband’s girlfriend, which is always what I wanted to be!