Here’s a novel thought…the girlfriend-wife looks up to her man as her HERO!! I have found that as I have referred to my man as my “hero” in front of him and in front of others; he actually steps into the role gladly and acts like one! You can silence those around you who criticize your guy by calling him your “hero!”  All of sudden the room gets real quiet because you have established a reality about your man.  What is a hero, you ask?  A HERO is a “man of courage, a shining example, a brave man of ideal behavior… (your) leading man!”  My man became my personal hero early on in our marriage. He stood up for my mom who was suffering from a surgery gone bad and was not getting adequate care at the hospital.  Without my asking him, my guy made an appointment with the Head of Surgery and brought along a yellow legal pad with set demands for her best care.  He spoke to the Head Surgeon very directly with respect and told him he wasn’t leaving his office until all the demands for my mom were met.  What a day!!! I received TWO gifts in my life that day.  My mom got well from her improved medical care and I got a HERO in my man!! “True heroism is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever the cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever the cost. –Arthur Ashe