You know when you get frustrated with your man? It seems like nothing is going right and you just feel “out of sorts” or just down right “hormonal” with him?? Sometimes you may have a disagreement with him and you KNOW you are so right!! Anybody out there on this one?? The smart girlfriend-wife takes the “High Road” on this one. That means that “being right” isn’t always what’s most important. One of my favorite personal sayings is that I have found that it’s more important to the health of the relationship for you to be “loving that right.” LOVE YOUR MAN and take the High Road. Be the better person. Forgive his blind-spots…we ALL have them! And once you chose the High Road; “STAY ON IT!” Don’t ruin the moment by telling him you’re giving him a “PASS” on this one and that he OWES you next time. Once you have “clawed your way to the top,” STAY THERE!!! Watch Love Grow.