Ian Maclaren, a famous novelist once wrote,

“Be kind, everyone you meet is carrying a heavy burden.”

A fabulous woman knows the value of kindness. The girlfriend-wife shows kindness to her man on an everyday basis. There are burdens and heavy concerns every man carries that his wife may or may not know about. I saw a woman behaving badly with her man at a restaurant the other night. She literally yelled at him in front of the people that they were with and in front of the entire venue! A look of shame crossed his face that I will never forget. Kindness is simply delighting in making others happy. Charity, hospitality…all fit the bill. It basically comes down to giving attention to the needs of others. I pay attention to my man. I notice him. If I can’t say something kind; I try not to say anything at all. Kind words are powerful and healing. Every person needs them; especially your man.