The girlfriend-wife is a class act.  She knows when she’s wrong and she knows when she’s right.  When she’s wrong; she is woman enough to admit it and get things right.  When she hurts her man, he retreats and closes his heart up. Even if she didn’t mean to hurt him; she is willing to own what she did do.  It’s pretty simple, but guess what?  You’ve got to let go of your pride!  OH, OUCH! What did you say??  Yes, even if you didn’t mean to offend your man, the point is he DID get hurt.  So here’s what you do… you gently take him aside and say, “I didn’t mean to hurt you; but the fact is…I did.  I take responsibility for that and I’m  sorry that I hurt you.  I love you.  Will you forgive me?”  There you have it.  Great formula and the good news it’s great for clearing the air and starting over.  Try it.  It works!