The girlfriend-wife has access to “many” husbands! It just depends on the day and if things are going well or not with your man. Since my man and I have been married for a while now; if he acts immature at a given moment; I tell him that he reminds me of “my first husband!” See, we have a little inside joke between us that we have definitely grown up together over the years! Now, my “first” husband would be referring to when my man was in his early twenties and we were first married. We both acted childish back in those days and each even had their very own “tantrums” when we couldn’t get our own way. However, the girlfriend-wife is all about building up her man, so I tell my guy when he’s doing things right in our relationship that he reminds me of “my FOURTH HUSBAND!” Now, the Fourth Husband is still the same guy only he’s really grown up over the years and has become so much more considerate of my needs! Now HE was worth waiting for!! My guy hit a “homerun” with me this past Mother’s Day with cards, meals, and thoughtful gifts. I was really quite touched and he saw that and was “pleased as punch” as they say. Like a good girlfriend-wife I was affirming him for giving me such a great day. He then said to me, “I must have surpassed the last guy and I must remind you of your “Fifth Husband!” Deeply smiling, I had to agree!!