“Men always want to be a woman’s first love.  Women…like to be a man’s last romance.” –Oscar Wilde
Why go on a double date with your man you ask?? It’s always good to keep your date nite active with your man.  If you’d like to shake things up a little bit; set up a double date with another couple that you both enjoy.  The purpose of the double date is to ENRICH YOUR OWN RELATIONSHIP. Be intentional and get cool ideas from your friends as to places, sports and restaurants they have tried and liked to add to your own list.  My guy and I are always interviewing other couples as to where they go to have a great date!  We like to get ideas to try on our own and share what places and activities have been especially fun for us.  Another reason to go on a double date once in a while is to make your own Love Story richer.  We like to find out how other couple’s have met and fallen in love.  There is nothing better than to “collect” Love Stories!!!  It encourages your own story when you are reminded how unlimited LOVE can be in how hearts actually meet their other half.  A double date is not a time to compare but to laugh and add variety to your experience.  Be a smart Girlfriend-Wife and dress for your man and make him shine in front of the other couple.  Bocce Ball anyone??