Sometimes a woman wonders, “Does True Love have to be a Fantasy?”  A famous quote by Louis Ginsberg reads, “LOVE is the irresistible desire to be desired irresistibly.”  Every woman wants that from her man! The challenge lies in keeping one’s “dream image” of how a relationship is supposed to play out, alive and based in reality…so it has “staying power.”  A young woman I know once told her boyfriend, “My prince will come and get me in my tower.” He truly loved her…so he did just that… he proposed to her on the top of Coit Tower overlooking the magical city and the San Francisco Bay at sunset.  Kingdoms fell and were created that very night!! The intelligent woman enjoys the everyday reality of living with her man and “helps” him keep a little fantasy going at the same time.  We realize that life this side of heaven cannot be perfect…but it sure can be a “slice of heaven here on earth!”  Refuse to get mad at your man for being “just a man!”  He has flaws just like you.  You might be better at hiding yours than he is.  Help your boyfriend-husband be your “Prince.” Act like a lady…hesitate at the door and let him open it for you.  Wear his favorite scent and draw him close so he can detect the lovely fragrance that is truly you.  Let him know that he is the only one you desire…and be desirable!  Take turns surprising one another with heart’s desires that are waiting to be fulfilled…and the loveliness of fantasy will continue to make your home a castle.