“Speak low if you speak love…” a knowing quote by D. Pedro.  The powerful girlfriend-wife knows the power of quiet talk.  One only whispers to someone they love.  They don’t whisper when they are contending with an enemy.  Take time and lower your voice. A whisper is defined as “speaking softly as a confidante and as a close friend.  A whisper can communicate endearment with a breath.”  The goal of any amazing  relationship is INTIMACY.  A wise person once said, “Intimacy means ‘INTO ME YOU SEE.'”  Give your man the breath of your deepest thoughts.  Lean in and whisper your love for him while you are having dinner.  Whisper to him in bed.  Whisper to your boyfriend-husband as you are leaving for the day.  Let him know, in no uncertain terms, that he is the MOST important person on the planet!  Speak softly and leave a trace of power with your love.