I heard a happily married woman once say,  “The secret to a happy marriage is to treat your husband the way you did before you married him!”  I stood back and pondered those words and thought how tried and true they were.  Sometimes in the living of day-to-day with your guy, the frustrations of life can creep up on you.  All of a sudden those habits you thought were so funny or so cute when you first met, aren’t so entertaining anymore!  A woman can get down right FRUSTRATED with her guy and his way of doing or NOT doing things!  One night we was preparing a big week’s worth of food on the BBQ and you name it, it went all wrong!  Food was spilling every which way out of dishes onto the floor and the timing was off trying to get everything ready at once.  Now there are two ways of expressing exasperation to your guy. You can yell at the top of your lungs how frustrated you are.  OR…you can step back and see the BIG picture of how blessed you are to be together in this crazy life!  Nothing can ever be perfect on this earth…even though it can get close.  Why not take time to FRAME it a different way.  So I said to my man as my patience was growing ever so thin, “I’m so mad at you right now with the way things are going, but at the same time, I’m CRAZY ABOUT YOU and I LOVE YOU!”  WOW!  The look he shot back to me was priceless!  He so appreciated my perspective and we ended up with a VERY GOOD NITE after all!