Have you ever met a competitive couple?  They compete with each other for attention and try to out-impress everybody they meet.  They often take this competition and thread it way deep into their relationship.  The wise girlfriend-wife wants a man to love her, not to compete with her.  The “I owe you, You owe me” mentality doesn’t usually go anywhere productive.  A couple who truly loves each other turns competition into a “Giving Game.”  Some years ago, my husband and I met just such a couple.  They were serious about loving each other in real ways.  They played a little game between
them each day to see who could OUTGIVE who in their marriage.  They played for keeps.  They went over the day’s happenings each evening to discover WHO WAS THE BIGGEST GIVER that given day.  It really took a lot of heat off the relationship and lightened it up to a magical level.  If you strive to OUTGIVE one another, you end up  building a solid foundation.  That foundation of giving will keep you strong when the challenges of life come your way.  A wise man once said, “Nobody owes me anything.” If you live by that motto you never have to entertain bitterness.  Resentment can’t land
on you and make you hard and unable to keep giving.  Be smart, and adopt that  mindset.  It will set you free to become or continue to be a good giver and not a competitor.  In the long run, “There is only one happiness in this life, to love and to be loved.”  George Sand