Someone once said, “The heart matters in the matters of the heart.”  If your heart isn’t fully into your man…your best intentions will crumble.  At the heart of every woman is the desire to have an amazing relationship.  We all strive after affection, understanding, and intimacy.  If your heart is out of whack…or backed up on old resentments, unforgiveness or regrets…it won’t be capable of truly connecting with your Boyfriend-Husband! Give yourself a HEART CHECK from time to time.  Stay current with your feelings so that your love can flow freely.  It has been said that “the heart is the center of the  universe.” A wise king once commented, “Guard your heart, for out of it flows the wellspring of life.”  Yes, the heart matters.  Use it, keep it well oiled  and running properly with love, and you will be better equipped to reach the heart of your man!