“She’s got gaps and I got gaps, and between the two of us, our gaps meet and we sort of fill each other in.”  –Rocky Balboa
Sometimes the girlfriend-wife is confused by her man’s gaps in his personality.  As you are getting to know your guy, it feels like you are inside a maze or an intricate network of pathways that feel like barricades that involve a lot of twisting and turning.
There’s good news and bad news…
The bad news is that finding your way through the labyrinth of your man’s heart can be confusing and hard work.
The good news is twofold:  First, what girlfriend-wife doesn’t like a challenge?? Your boyfriend-husband is like finding your way through an elaborate puzzle that requires you to use your memory and skill to get through.
A good marriage is not for the faint at heart.  Like all worthwhile things in life; it takes patience, love and determination.  As you employ these qualities, a woman can make her way successfully through the maze of her husband’s heart to the mountain top where the view is downright AMAZING!
As you discover and see things in him that just don’t make sense, chose to understand; not to judge that which mystifies you.  When you start to understand him is where the “AMAZING”  breaks through.  That point of understanding makes your heart beat faster and causes your heart to melt. When you find your way to your husband’s heart it is wonderful beyond words, astonishing, surprising, stunning and breathtaking!