I have found that a successful marriage is kind of like riding a tandem bike!  Marriage can be compared to a bicycle-built-for-two.  It takes two riders; one behind the other.  The word, “tandem” is defined as “together at the same time.”  In other languages “tandem” is a pair or means the chemistry of two people.  My boyfriend-husband and I rented a tandem bike in Golden Gate Park once in San Francisco.  My guy is about a foot taller than me and rode in the front…with me, primarily screaming all the way in the back!  My man loves to go fast in anything that moves and enjoys taking risks…me, not so much!  It was a fun adventure to say the least and I basically laughed and screamed the whole entire time!  Recently I ran into a woman who rode a tandem bike through-out Europe.  She said her tour guide’s one rule was, “Always listen to the captain,” the person riding in front.  Great advice if you want to get where you are going in one piece.  It’s like a famous quote I once heard, “Victory is about self…unity is about relationship.”