I know we all like/try to exercise!  Physical accomplishments with jogging, running, hiking are all the rage in our fast-paced culture.  However, as Gwyn Thomas reminds us, “But the beauty is in the walking…we are betrayed by destinations.”  How about taking a stroll with your boyfriend-husband once in a while?  To stroll is to meander, to roam or to wander.  Some of our best talks or problem-solving have occured when my man and I go for a “stroll” together.  It seems when we are most relaxed and are not trying to get a certain number of miles accomplished; we tend to do our best “talking” and sharing of the heart.  We like to go out into a “world where (one) is free to think:  walking articulates both physical and mental freedom,” recommends Rebecca Solnit.  It seems as though we almost receive a “gift” after such a stroll with no particular goal in mind. As a couple who is slammed with a lot of “have to’s” with our jobs; it is a rare jewel to have a “meeting of the mind and heart” with no other distractions around us.  All of sudden, it’s just “us” in the world…together…like it was when we started to know each other and fall in love.  Nothing else matters.  As our overloaded minds start to clear, we engage in meaningful conversation that bonds us even deeper.  Taking a Lover’s Stroll is just another way to experience our love for one another.  As Jarod Kintz once stated, “Patience and wisdom walk hand in hand, like two one-armed lovers.”