Falling in love with your Boyfriend-husband is like finding the Other Half to your heart. Being the Other Half is the definition of “Mate.” You truly become your man’s #1 Companion, and Helpmate. It’s like being on a ship and being the First Mate to the Captain. What does a First Mate do, you ask? Wikipedia defines the duties of a First Mate as one who is “invaluable to the Captain and to the successful running of the ship. The First Mate communicates effectively to the rest of the crew (family) is an arbitrator in disputes, maintains discipline, makes sure everyone pulls their own weight, keeps the ship (home) running smoothly, is always available to help, and creates a positive attitude with all involved.” Remember, without a good First Mate, the Captain would be lost and the ship would go down!! As Franklin P. Jones so effectively put it,

“LOVE doesn’t make the world go around,
LOVE is what makes the ride worthwhile.”

Picture from https://www.etsy.com/listing/227714050/sample-saleher-captain-his-first-mate