A successful Girlfriend-Wife is like her husband’s “queen;” which Oxford defines as a “Shining Star or Leading Lady.” With everything in life, there are good queens and bad queens. Each day, a woman makes a choice as to which she will be. Just recently my man asked me a question and I have to confess, I gave him a very tart and disrespectful reply. I left the house with a sting of bad feelings in the air. Later on I called him, humbled myself and apologized. Apology accepted, no questions asked. RELIEF! History gives us plenty of insights into different types of queens and how they managed their power. One of the best examples of this happened in Ancient Persia approximately 400-500 B.C. The absolute ruler of Persia at this time was a man named King Ahasuerus. He possessed a massive kingdom that measured from India to Ethiopia. To show off his wealth, he gave a SIX MONTH LONG FEAST to all his most prominent and powerful princes. At one point, after much eating and drinking, he decided to show off his #1 Wife: Queen Vashti, in front of all of his men. Vashti means “beautiful woman.” Her physical beauty was amazing. On that fateful day, Vashti decided to refuse the King’s request and remain at her own banquet and “do her own thing.” This was of course the most disrespectful thing she could ever do. King Ahasuerus was humiliated and counseled by his advisors to dethrone her, which he immediately did. Later on, the King held a “beauty contest” to find a new queen. A young woman who had been orphaned and raised by her uncle, won the contest. Her name was Esther, which means “STAR.” Queen Esther not only demonstrated rare beauty to the eyes, but also showed the king a humble
modesty and meekness, strength under pressure with her heart. The king was instantly captivated and Queen Esther emerged as one of the wisest queens in history. As Ezra Benson once said,


You decide today…which queen will you be as your Boyfriend-Husband’s Leading Lady…
“GOOD QUEEN/ BAD QUEEN.” It’s up to you.