A few years ago, my husband and I were driving over to go have dinner at our friends’ house across town. As we were on our way, my guy noticed a man walking beside the road. The man looked very determined as he made his way by the roadside; like he had an important goal in mind. The only thing that was weird was the man wasn’t wearing any shoes. It was beginning to get dark and cold as night was falling. My man was very concerned that this man we saw didn’t have any shoes. He immediately stopped the car and got out to talk to the man. As I watched from the car, I witnessed an amazing thing happen. My man began to take off his own boots and socks and give them to the stranger. I have to admit I was shocked as I had saved and shopped to give these particular awesome boots to my man for Christmas. He LOVED these boots! This stranger it turned out was a homeless man set on walking from our city to Sacramento; 100 miles away! I’m glad I didn’t protest this spontaneous act of charity on my man’s part. It probably was the best thing he could ever do, to just share what he had with a man who had nothing. It made me admire my man even more for the compassion he showed. No matter that he showed up to a special dinner in his bare feet! I decided to forget all the shopping and saving and to experience the honor of a man doing the right thing. Let us as women encourage our men to be better and to think of others before themselves. We’ll all benefit from such acts of charity and our own relationships will become richer for it.


“LOVE is a borderless country
Made for those who won’t stop running
A place with no citizens
But refugees are welcome.”

NJ Heywood