As I was traveling over the holidays recently, one of our family members had to get something at the drug store.  As we came upon one in a strange city, it appeared to have steel beams surrounding it like a barricaded castle.  All the windows were taped over and there didn’t seem to be a door in sight.  Sure enough, our relative who lived nearby, jumped out of the car and said it was “Open,” although very much “Under Construction.” I just marveled at the thought because entrance and movement in and out looked  “impossible” from the outside.  That is how it is many times in our relationships with the guys we love.  It looks like we can’t possibly come to an agreement over something or maybe, our man seems to have put up a wall in front of his heart and doesn’t want to talk. Yet, LOVE always finds a way.  As someone said in the movie, “Love Actually,” “It seems to me that love is everywhere.  Often, it’s not particularly dignified or newsworthy, but it’s always there.”  Don’t give up.  Love never does.  Love never fails.  Just know that
“Love that has been tested through various hindrances and obstacles is pure and of the Divine level.”  Anonymous
Keep climbing, keep knocking, keep trusting Love and keep believing!…Love melts the most powerful obstacles and can get through the toughest walls.