Have you ever gotten on a crowded freeway and watched someone change lanes constantly trying to race everyone to the next exit?  What usually happens is that eventually everyone gets to the next exit pretty much at similar times.  All that jockeying for the superior position turns out to be a waste of time.  That’s what happens often in our own relationships with our guys.  If we, as women, allow ourselves to be dissatisfied, we can easily set ourselves up to being jealous of those around us.  This in itself is a huge waste of emotional energy because it doesn’t solve anything.  Instead, the smart girlfriend-wife looks for ways to admire her man and then tell him about it.  Respect and admiration are actual decisions.  We have a choice. We can always long for something someone else appears to have and live a life of discontent.  Or we can decide to enjoy the “lane” we are in and look for all the positives and enjoy them! The happiest couples I know purpose to live each day with their mate with love and respect. As Philip James Bailey once wrote,
“Respect is what we owe; LOVE is what we give.”