So, it’s Valentine’s Day and we have to work. To me it’s like a “national holiday” so this is a harsh reality. So I have 2 choices, be a champ and show up and do a great job at our Open House anyway, or possibly “pout!” I decide to make it a special day because I am WITH the man I love…my Boyfriend-Husband! So after our work is done, I ask him to meet me downtown at the local Starbucks! As it turns out, Starbucks has just started a NEW program called, “Starbucks Evenings.” At select locations, they serve wine and appetizers such as goat cheese pizza and bacon-wrapped dates! Such a deal! It was one of the most fun Valentine’s Day Dates EVER! We got a patio table on the street and people-watched to our heart’s content, laughing at our good fortune that we enjoyed each other so much! So when you have to work on a special day like we did; check out your local Starbucks and have FUN anyway! As someone once said,

“REAL LOVE is often hard, inconvenient and costly; but TRUE happiness only comes to those who care about others at some cost to themselves.”