Liz & John’s Life

The Left Hand of Love

One night my boyfriend-husband and I had made dinner together, set the table, lit the candles and gave thanks for our food.  As we began to eat, my man was still holding my hand.  So without a word, I quietly began to “learn to eat with my left hand.”  Why interrupt such a sacred moment of love?  He doesn’t know it, but I am doing it more and more.  It feels right to stay “connected” to my man as we enjoy a meal together.  It’s just another tiny way to affirm our friendship that is like the table that supports our food.  It serves as a foundation to keeping all the important things “in front of us.”  As it has been said, “friendship multiplies our joy and divides our sorrow.”
“Friendship is the crown of life and the school of virtue.”
– C.S. Lewis


Here’s a novel thought…the girlfriend-wife looks up to her man as her HERO!! I have found that as I have referred to my man as my “hero” in front of him and in front of others; he actually steps into the role gladly and acts like one! You can silence those around you who criticize your guy by calling him your “hero!”  All of sudden the room gets real quiet because you have established a reality about your man.  What is a hero, you ask?  A HERO is a “man of courage, a shining example, a brave man of ideal behavior… (your) leading man!”  My man became my personal hero early on in our marriage. He stood up for my mom who was suffering from a surgery gone bad and was not getting adequate care at the hospital.  Without my asking him, my guy made an appointment with the Head of Surgery and brought along a yellow legal pad with set demands for her best care.  He spoke to the Head Surgeon very directly with respect and told him he wasn’t leaving his office until all the demands for my mom were met.  What a day!!! I received TWO gifts in my life that day.  My mom got well from her improved medical care and I got a HERO in my man!! “True heroism is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever the cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever the cost. –Arthur Ashe

Celebrate Your Man

So I decided that my man’s birthday was coming up and what would a GIRLFRIEND-WIFE do to celebrate?? Proclaim a new “National Holiday,” right? Who creates these holidays anyway, and why can’t I do the same?!! My man’s birthday came in the middle of the week, so I intentionally took the day off and encouraged him to do likewise. It took a little convincing but very soon he was happy to come on board! I blocked out the whole day and filled it with all HIS favorite ACTIVITIES, LOVE LANGUAGES and PLACES TO GO!! What speaks “LOVE” to my man happens to be “QUALITY TIME.” So I spent the entire day just “hanging out” with him! We went to “Sideboard” for brunch and then off to the “Lafayette Reservoir” for a killer hike on the rim! FACE TIME with the kids of course, a foot massage and dinner out at “Va Da Vi” his fave place in Walnut Creek. We even hung out in the Apple Store to get his computer updated! Totally HIS kind of day and he loved it! Just the kind of day a BOYFRIEND-HUSBAND would dream of!! An ancient proverb says: “Who can find a good “girlfriend” wife? She is worth more than diamonds! Her husband can trust her, and she will richly satisfy his needs.” Have fun dreaming up your next “national holiday” to honor your man!

Welcome to Boyfriend Husband!

Welcome to our new BLOG…”BOYFRIEND-HUSBAND!!!”
If you want to take a good marriage up a few notches and make it AMAZING… enjoy the following story…
It all happened @ a local Coffee Shop a little over a year ago. I was enjoying my latte with a friend, when I overheard a woman behind me make a sneering remark of distain, “Oh my husband is coming to pick me up in a few minutes!” The word “husband” was said with great disgust. I immediately thought to myself; “WOW! The term, “husband” sure gets a bum rap in our culture now!” The very same day, I happened to drop by the same coffee place after work, and I overheard a younger woman exclaim with sheer JOY, “Oh! My boyfriend is coming to get me ANY minute!!!” Right then and there I decided that I would have a “BOYFRIEND-HUSBAND” from now on!! I began immediately to refer to my man as my “boyfriend-husband” whenever anybody asked about him. I figured since we STILL DATE one another…why not?? Why not KEEP the ROMANCE part of the deal even AFTER we’re married?!! Why should all the unmarried gals have all the fun?? Married women
who are devoting themselves with the pure gold gift of time and commitment to one man should have FUN doing it AND be rewarded with anticipation, excitement and the joy of TRUE LOVE!

The Experiment Worked!

After a whole entire year referring to my man as my “boyfriend-husband” to anybody I was talking to; I even called my man my “boyfriend-husband” in his presence; and funny thing; he LOVED it!! It made him feel appreciated and desired. It also made our dates more fun as we went out and celebrated our love on a regular basis on beach walks, hikes, out to lunch in another town or out for dinner; driving home under a thousand stars. A really cool thing happened to confirm my theory of “creating” a “boyfriend-husband!” My guy was on the phone last month setting up a special double date with friends for lunch in the City. I was piping up from the background and reminding him, “Don’t forget to ask for a table by the window!” Right then and there, he said to the restaurant owner making the
reservation; “Hey, just a second, my GIRLFRIEND is trying to tell me something! Hold on!” NOW, after one full year, the EXPERIMENT WORKED!!! I now had become my husband’s girlfriend, which is always what I wanted to be!