I Whisper Your Name

“Speak low if you speak love…” a knowing quote by D. Pedro.  The powerful girlfriend-wife knows the power of quiet talk.  One only whispers to someone they love.  They don’t whisper when they are contending with an enemy.  Take time and lower your voice. A whisper is defined as “speaking softly as a confidante and as a close friend.  A whisper can communicate endearment with a breath.”  The goal of any amazing  relationship is INTIMACY.  A wise person once said, “Intimacy means ‘INTO ME YOU SEE.'”  Give your man the breath of your deepest thoughts.  Lean in and whisper your love for him while you are having dinner.  Whisper to him in bed.  Whisper to your boyfriend-husband as you are leaving for the day.  Let him know, in no uncertain terms, that he is the MOST important person on the planet!  Speak softly and leave a trace of power with your love.

Double Date… Double Shake!

“Men always want to be a woman’s first love.  Women…like to be a man’s last romance.” –Oscar Wilde
Why go on a double date with your man you ask?? It’s always good to keep your date nite active with your man.  If you’d like to shake things up a little bit; set up a double date with another couple that you both enjoy.  The purpose of the double date is to ENRICH YOUR OWN RELATIONSHIP. Be intentional and get cool ideas from your friends as to places, sports and restaurants they have tried and liked to add to your own list.  My guy and I are always interviewing other couples as to where they go to have a great date!  We like to get ideas to try on our own and share what places and activities have been especially fun for us.  Another reason to go on a double date once in a while is to make your own Love Story richer.  We like to find out how other couple’s have met and fallen in love.  There is nothing better than to “collect” Love Stories!!!  It encourages your own story when you are reminded how unlimited LOVE can be in how hearts actually meet their other half.  A double date is not a time to compare but to laugh and add variety to your experience.  Be a smart Girlfriend-Wife and dress for your man and make him shine in front of the other couple.  Bocce Ball anyone??

The High Road

You know when you get frustrated with your man? It seems like nothing is going right and you just feel “out of sorts” or just down right “hormonal” with him?? Sometimes you may have a disagreement with him and you KNOW you are so right!! Anybody out there on this one?? The smart girlfriend-wife takes the “High Road” on this one. That means that “being right” isn’t always what’s most important. One of my favorite personal sayings is that I have found that it’s more important to the health of the relationship for you to be “loving that right.” LOVE YOUR MAN and take the High Road. Be the better person. Forgive his blind-spots…we ALL have them! And once you chose the High Road; “STAY ON IT!” Don’t ruin the moment by telling him you’re giving him a “PASS” on this one and that he OWES you next time. Once you have “clawed your way to the top,” STAY THERE!!! Watch Love Grow.

The Kindness of Strangers

Ian Maclaren, a famous novelist once wrote,

“Be kind, everyone you meet is carrying a heavy burden.”

A fabulous woman knows the value of kindness. The girlfriend-wife shows kindness to her man on an everyday basis. There are burdens and heavy concerns every man carries that his wife may or may not know about. I saw a woman behaving badly with her man at a restaurant the other night. She literally yelled at him in front of the people that they were with and in front of the entire venue! A look of shame crossed his face that I will never forget. Kindness is simply delighting in making others happy. Charity, hospitality…all fit the bill. It basically comes down to giving attention to the needs of others. I pay attention to my man. I notice him. If I can’t say something kind; I try not to say anything at all. Kind words are powerful and healing. Every person needs them; especially your man.

BE the Girlfriend

I saw an anonymous quote the other day that stopped me in my tracks.
It read:

                   LOVE YOUR CHOICE…”

After deciding to be with your man as your number one choice in life… why can’t you continue to BE THE GIRLFRIEND…after marriage?? Ask yourself next time you run into a tricky situation… “Would the girlfriend get on her man’s case about this?”

Then, take a deep breath, and decide to work it through in a non-combative way that leaves your man with a good feeling in his heart. You can be assertive and honor your needs by communicating in a loving way. Try it next time you get irritated about something. Remind yourself that “Loving Your Choice” takes practice and “practice makes perfect.”